What is HypnoBirthing?
HypnoBirthing is not only a comprehensive learnable technique, but is a philosophy as well: a philosophy which embraces childbirth as a normal, natural and wondrous process for which a woman’s body is exquisitely designed. In the absence of fear, participating in one of life’s most precious miracles, the birth of one’s baby, can be free of pain, full of joy, and demonstrate a quantum leap of love’s expression.

HypnoBirthing is a very specific series of techniques which have been honed over the years by Marie Mongan, founder. She coined this term and began teaching it in 1989 after years of struggling to get natural birth accepted into hospitals. She is the first to say that she did not invent the concepts, as she credits Dr Grantly Dick-Read for his pioneering early works in the ‘50’s, as well as acknowledging ancient wisdom about birth which was somehow lost in the centuries.

All too frequently, pregnancy and birth are viewed and handled as a medical event, with intervention being the standard rather than the exception, even when mother and child are both healthy. Accepting the natural process of pregnancy and birthing dispels fears which have been thrust upon us even by well-meaning family and friends.

HypnoBirthing assists us to lovingly release fear, and joyfully accept our bodies’ incredible wisdom and capacity. In turn, the practices of HypnoBirthing paves the path for absolutely beautiful birthings to be experienced; your baby is welcomed into the world peacefully and joyfully. What better beginning for you, your partner, and your baby?!

The teaching is offered in 5 classes, each approx 2 to 2 1/2 hours in length. Several classes can be taken together, to be completed in a weekend, if needed.
It is suggested to begin the learning as early in the pregnancy as is possible, in order to practice these valuable techniques and concepts.

During class, you will witness via video, several actual HypnoBirthings. You will be absolutely amazed and delighted at what a birth experience can be. You will be given information about your body, the birth process, and the ways in which the baby’s body is also perfectly made for birth.

Awaken your natural ability to birth in a calm and loving manner. Welcome your baby into a warm and gentle world... a gift for a lifetime.

The cost for the series of 5 two and a half hour classes, or a weekend of 12 hours, is $175.00 for an individual couple;  $125.00 per couple if for 2 or more couples. Contact me if you are interested in joining a class with other couples.    

This cost includes your materials: the HypnoBirthing book, plus either 2 tapes or 1 CD with visualizations, affirmations for your practice.

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